Affordable Commercial Electricians

General Contractors Extended Services

We are able to provide our General Contractors extended services for whom are looking for electrical installations on commercial projects, and we do so at competitive prices.

All of our jobs benefit from:

  • Our Safety Program.
  • Daily job reports to keep up on schedule and address any field questions.
  • Our own job punch lists to maintain our own standard of craftsmanship.
  • We have job completion checklists for our Job Foreman to adhere to insure every task has been completed and checked.
  • Technology utilization with iPads in the field and cloud storage and collaboration to make sure our Foreman have the latest information.

With our smaller size ranging at an average of 30 employees, the head personnel has a hand in completing every job. Due to this attention to detail we have a reputation with the various General Contractors, and Owners that we have worked with through the years and intend to keep it great for the next 50 years!

Our projects include banks, aircraft hangers, fire stations, restaurants, libraries, churches, medical clinics, medical offices and many other small to large public and private commercial jobs along with custom residences.

Service Upgrades

Inspections are available to determine if you are in need of a panel upgrade, feeder wire upgrade, or a whole service upgrade.

Motor Controls & Maintenance

We have the knowledge and tools to install and repair 12v-120v controls. Installation of pushbutton control, EPO’s and component repairs such as transformers, fuses, breakers, contactors and motor starter replacements. If you are unsure, we are able to troubleshoot if you are having a power issue, control issue, or if maybe the motor is in need of replacing.

Replace Electrical Panels

We are capable of upgrading panels without needing to change the wiring. This can be caused by a short circuit, or overheating parts have compromised the panel or bussing inside.

Circuit Breaker Installation

Over time old breakers or bad equipment causing the breaker to trip often can weaken the breaker.

Transformers and Buck Boost Transformers

If you are changing, or adding equipment, we are able to identify the right circuit breaker and transformer to fit your specific needs.