Affordable Residential Electricians

Child Proof Outlets

We can evaluate and install your Child proof electrical outlets. These Child Proof Outlets are called TRR’s for “tamper resistant receptacles”.   A TRR is an outlet in which the electrical contact is essentially closed off by spring-loaded shutters.

Circuit Breaker Installation

Over time old breakers or bad equipment causing the breaker to trip often can weaken the breaker.

Transformers and Buck Boost Transformers

If you are changing, or adding equipment, we are able to identify the right circuit breaker and transformer to fit your specific needs.

Replace Electrical Panels

We are capable of upgrading panels without needing to change the wiring. This can be caused by a short circuit, or overheating parts have compromised the panel or bussing inside.

Ceiling Fan Installation

For a ceiling fan replacement, the wiring might already be there. You should get a licensed electrician to wire the motor and secure the fixture. We are here to offer you quality installations at affordable prices.  

Exhaust Fan Installation

We are the professionals to call when your exhaust fans need repair, or if new fans are needed.